HUM Studios

We built the bar and bar-back for HUM Studios in Santa Monica.  HUM studios is best known for producing music for TV. Pictured above is the lobby. It’s arranged with a club like atmosphere, around the bar.

The bar is made of black walnut lumber to match the entertainment center and other decor. The room looks large, but has a lot in a small space. It is used for lunch during the day and events after work usually with live music.

HUM Music Studios looks like a nice place to work.

Geometric Pattern
This was a fun job..! For a clothing business in downtown Los Angeles, we created a Chinese style geometric pattern in high relief. This was the brainchild of George Kelly Architects, who send us lots of cool jobs. There is downstairs conference room, and an upstairs main room wall that feeds through a glass wall into the owners office. The pattern is continuous.       The scale of this surprised us once we started. We milled over a thousand feet of trim in two sizes, 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ and 1″ x 1/2″. These are surrounded by thicker wide frames.     The strips we cut from poplar. We milled it ourselves because we couldn’t find that specific size commercially available.    The whole thing is a geometric puzzle. It may look like a simple installation, but we layed it out to a high level of precision. It looks good because it’s carefully done…We take a lot of pride in the work we do, and expanding into this type of graphic pattern is something new for us
Daily Grill/ Graton Casino

In the summer of '13, we were commissioned by Kelly Architects to build 56 table tops for the new Daily Grill restaurant at the Graton Casino in Ronhert Park.  There were about ten different designs. Some were oak, some were walnut, some were rectangles, some were "U" shaped and some were squares that flipped into round. 

     We built them, finished them , and then...we put them in a truck and drove north. We spent about a day and a half assembling the bases and strategically placing these tables in a very busy restaurant. A restaurant just prior to opening is an insanely busy place. We worked diligently among all the other trades and got the tables assembled and placed in about a day and a half. We are proud to contribute to projects like this...


EQUINOX Wilshire

One Dog Down- Silverlake

Chris Karlson Design