Chris Karlson Design

These chairs were based on a photo from a magazine article from 1950. A friend of mine lives in the house his grandfather built and left to him. The original is long gone, all we had is this one photo, so I built him a pair to replace it.

Prouve Table

Laura's Stereo Cabinets

Totino Table

This little gem, we call the Totino Table. It is a throwback to the 60's which is where I'm from. It's a square with an oval cutout and smoked mirror. The Totino's had it next to a low slung sofa with a lamp on top. It looked amazing. The shelf, inside the ovals, is an obvious place to put magazines. I just pray that they look good and are arranged nicely.
    We built this table to match an existing rectangular coffee table. We could build this for you in any size.  A coffee table with two end tables set would be awesome...