Chris Karlson Design

   This is a kitchen we built a few years ago in the Hollywood Hills. It was rather unusual in several ways.. First of all, the house is fantastic..It's a art deco structure that looks like a riverboat. The house was lovingly restored to be in impeccable condition. Some jobs take on a life of their own and this one did just that.
    The appliances used are German and not the usual U.S. standard sizes apply here. That little thing next to the sink is the dishwasher..!
On the island side the other little thing is the oven. These appliances are small, but apparently they are of immensely high quality.
    I have never built cabinet boxes this way before, but what we did was make them with laminate interiors. They didn't want melamine...They wanted laminate. The outside is lacquered. The whole thing reeks of exorbitance. One small detail you may have noticed....The line at the ceiling, where the cabinet doors almost graze the ceiling....this was done by building and installing the cabinets, then the ceiling was skim coated for a perfect fit.
   People think ...Oh this a is a simple design...It is..And that what makes it complicated...There's no molding to cover little discrepancies. It's all gotta be perfect.